Friday, March 20, 2015

Short and sweet…….

Not much going on this week creatively.  I suppose that happens to everyone now and again when life gets in the way with other situations.  Here are the envelopes I sent out this week to my sweeties:

And, naturally, I did get a few books read.  Actually, I read 1/2 half of another one too, but I'll tell you about that one next week.  Rarely do I read two books at once, but these were fiction and non-fiction (sort of) so it made it easier.  Incidentally, thanks for the "heads up" that you enjoy my small review of books every week.  I try my best!  Be assured that I completely investigate everything I read first for story content, and (hopefully) others reviews before I even pick up a book.  I, like you, don't want to waste my time reading unless I think it might be good either.

THE BOOKSELLER  (debut)                by                  Cynthia Swanson
DAMAGE CONTROL                          by                   Robert Dugoni

"The Bookseller" was good, but had a very different concept than anything I've ever read before.  When I finished, I think I was just as confused as the main character.  You can read my review on  The other one, "Damage Control" was by an author I discovered last year and have almost finished reading everything he has written except for one.  This was probably the worse of the lot, but I whipped through it in no time anyway.

So, that's it.  Enjoy your week!  And send the sun and warm temps back here please.  We're back to normal which is in the low 40s.  Brrrrrrr!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Who'd ever guess???

E-gads, who'd ever guess that we'd get 67 degree temps here in Wisconsin on March 13th??  I can't remember that ever happening, although I haven't heard (yet) if it's a record, so who knows?  I am enjoying this break from our single digits though, I must admit!  The snow is almost all gone too, if you can believe?  From what I understand, we'll have a few more days of above normal temps and then it'll go back to the normal low 40's where it belongs this time of year.

I sewed this week……amazingly enough and I'll show you at the end of the month.  It's just a small swap quilt, so no big deal….(although I do like it.)

Here are the envelopes I sent this week (and thankfully, my little niece finally got the book I mailed out last Saturday).  Lord knows what's up with her post office though.  She still didn't get the one I mailed Wednesday and she lives only about 35 minutes away from me.  I suppose I should be happy she's getting them at all, huh?

And, of course, I read a few books this week.  (I should be out looking for new carpeting for our house though, but that's another story.)

THE LOST EMPRESS                                by                       Steve Robinson
THE GOOD GIRL  (debut)   xxxxx                by                       Mary Kubica
MOSQUITOLAND (debut)                            by                       David Arnold

(Ever wonder why so many authors have simple names?  Me too!!)  Anyway, #2 was good, good, good!  I could hardly put it down.  Check it out on Amazon (I think it was just released in soft cover) or Goodreads to read the reviews.  I got my copy from the library.  Seriously, I could hardly put it down and finished it in 6 hours flat.

So, happy reading, or sewing, or whatever fills your heart with joy!  Have a great week, my friends!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Turn your clocks ahead tonight….

I LOVE daylight savings time!!  I live for it!  Here in Wisconsin, even the days seem warmer when it's lighter outside earlier in the evening.  I kid you not!  You'll laugh, but I never change my clock in my car.  It's ALWAYS on daylight savings time!  Always!  My husband thinks I'm crazy…..BUT, it's my car and I like it that way.  I might have to think a bit differently during the few months we're in the dark (so to speak), but it all works out!  And yeah….tonight we change!!  I'm a happy girl!

Not much new.  I did a 8 1/2 inch appliqu├ęd block for a joint sympathy quilt that a bunch of us are doing for a Flickr friend who lost her mother this week, sent out a few envelopes (below) to my girlies, and read a few books.  Also had to call the dishwasher repair guy and think of a few other repair people I need to get here for stuff.  Ugh!  Now I know why old people's houses get run down……too much bother and who wants strangers in the house all the time?  Much easier just to live day to day and pretend everything is okay!!!  (E-gads, do I sound old or what??)  Actually, I did have a birthday this week, so perhaps that's the reason, who knows??  

Anyway, here are the envelopes that I sent out this week:

Naturally, my little granddaughter, Arwen, got an identical one to that bottom one with her name on it too.

I read some good books this week……probably the best one so far in 2015.  Yeah!!  Last year I read "A Fall of Marigolds" by Susan Meissner and loved it.  It's on my all time favorites list so when I discovered that the author released another book this year, I was dying to read it and it did not disappoint me.  Do yourself a favor and read, "Secrets of a Charmed Life"……another winner!  These both are historical fiction just so you know, and are in soft cover.

March books so far:

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (debut and good)        by        Paula Hawkins
SECRETS OF A CHARMED LIFE (xxxxx)           by        Susan Meissner
FORTUNATELY THE MILK (kids book)               by        Neil Gaiman
                                     HENNESSEY               by         Rachel Joyce

And that's it!  Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead and enjoy the extra sunshine.  Until next week...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Nothin' like being late to the party…..

PINTEREST…….need I say more?  Hello!!!  Although I was asked several times if I ever wanted to join Pinterest, I always thought it was too much trouble, or took too long to find stuff to pin.  Besides, I was too busy to constantly have my head in a screen…..OR SO I THOUGHT!  Can you guess what I've been doing all week?  I know you're ALL smiling because you've already "been there" and are laughing because you KNOW how addicting Pinterest can be.  Right?  Hey, admit it!  You know I'm right!  I must admit, as a self confessed idiot computer person, I am having a bit of trouble finding stuff (especially my friends) on Pinterest, I still have wasted probably 3 full days this week.  NO LIE!  Needless to say, I haven't got much to show/tell you.  Come see my boards though….Carol Turznik.

Here are the envelopes for the week.  (And, I'm pissed because the post office lost two of the same book that I sent to both girls last Saturday.  Each book cost me $5.99 plus $3.00 postage……ugh!  Now, I'm afraid to send another one in that same series although I have sent others successfully in the past.  Oh my, what to do?  They both love the "Mr. Putter and Tabby" series so much!

And, here are the books I've read the last half of February:

DEPT. OF SPECULATION                            by                  Jenny Offill
PRECIOUS THING (debut)                             by                  Colette McBeth
DESCENT                                                     by                  Tim Johnston
THE ROSIE EFFECT                                     by                  Graeme Simsion
THE DEEP END  (debut)                                by                  Julie Mulhern

You might have heard of "The Rosie Project" from a few years back.  It was a great book!  Do not get the sequel "The Rosie Effect".  It took me 5 days to plow thorough it and I wouldn't have finished it except that I won it from Goodreads and had to give a review on it.  Ugh!  Too long and boring.  Too bad too, because the first book was great! I'm almost done with the last one book on that list and quite honestly, although a debut, I am liking it best of the bunch.  So….happy reading!  I'm going to try to stay off Pinterest and concentrate on my pile of books here to read.  Wish me luck!  (Oh, and if you want, I'd love your names for your Pinterest boards so I can peek at what you have.  Thanks!)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby, it's COLD outside!!!

E-gads, it's cold!  30 below 0 wind chill this morning where I live.  AND…..I had to go to the store.  The last time I went out was Sunday and we really were getting low on groceries.  Too bad my husband loves to eat.  I actually could get by with pretzels and cheese and crackers for a week or so, but him…..not so much!  BUT, I'm happy to report that I'm back, all warm and cozy again…..and don't tell my hubby that I let my car warm up for 15 minutes before I even left.  lol  Heated seats are WONDERFUL!!!

Not much new this week.  I had been running out of pre-made envelopes for my girlies, so I basically concentrated on those this week.  Made 52 all together, but have about 15 to color and address yet.  After that, I'll be set for a few weeks.  With this sending out of two books each week to 2 girls, the envelopes go really fast……AND the postage is unspeakable!!  Let's suffice to say that the Post Office WILL NOT go broke with me around!!

My friend, Marilyn, from California, sent Toby his own phone so he could call her girl dog, Flossie (who has a matching one in red).  Funny that he carries it all over!  You'd think he was a human the way he won't let it leave his side.  I have to laugh!!  He must have been watching my kids when they visited.

And here are the envelopes I sent out this week:

I read two books this week too, but don't have my list handy so will tell you about them next time.  Other than that, not much is new here.  I hope you all stay warm through this cold weather.  I heard that   Orlando even had temps in the 20s this morning.  Brrrrr…...